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David Kessel
7 rue de Presles
75015 Paris

Tel : 01 45 67 23 18

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Music, circus, the Belle Epoque, cigars,…themes that are all dear to him.
His ludic relationship with life and his ease for weaving bonds are felt in his colourful painting.
Bathed in Jewish tradition and Talmud, he strives to share his emotions imagining a world all in colour of opening and transmission.

« Paintings must reflect the spirit, the soul of the painter. The imagination being expression, precedes knowledge.
To go beyond ones bounds is to all sublimate. »

David Kessel


For more than 20 years numerous international exhibitions have marked his life as an artist.

Some dates:

1989-Musée du Jeu de paume-Paris
1991-line of plates and dishes « Judaica » New-York and Washington
1992: publication of "Soul of the  Letters" (about Hebraic letters)
1993- The Montreal Cultural Centre
1996- Maison France –Israël Paris
2000- Week of Jewish Culture, Milan
2001-Centre Rabin -Bruxelles
2002-Art Expo New-York
2003-Cultural Centre, Bal Harbour-Miami
2005-Permanent exhibition, Saba Gallery -Fort Lauderdale
          -Création Artists  & life
          -Arche de la Défense –Artists & life
          -Espace Cardin- Upi Sar’el Paris
           -Salon des Indépendants-Grand Palais-Paris
          -Arche de la Défense-Artists & Life

-line of plates and dishes « L’âme des lettres »( Soul of the Letters)
2008-Maison Blanche Paris
Peristyle Hotel de Ville de Levallois
2011: publication of "Kiss of Fire"(about pleasure of cigar)
Swisslife, Place Vendôme-Paris
Vallois Gallery-Paris
Cuban Embassy-Paris
Business Art, Espace Cardin-Paris
Swisslife, Place Vendôme-Paris
Biennial of La Havane-Cuba
Present in numerous private collections in France and abroad.

Referenced Artprice and Akoun

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